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Silence is Compliance: Nine people

So, what do we have? We have what I have to consider, depending on where you are coming from as far as importance, as far as priorities, what you think might be the most important story. Well, nine people that like to dress up in black robes have made a decision and, you know, I could speak about this process known as “the Supreme Court.” I could speak about that extensively, and the system, in my opinion, is ridiculous to begin with, for the fact that you have . . . I mean, it’s the year 2014 . . . and you have this system where nine people come out and they, you know, they’re in their long black robes — and there’s a whole history to that — sitting up on three steps up, up on a platform, looking down, looking down at you, obviously. I’m pretty sure the analogy comes across loud and clear with that one, as they look down at the peasants, as they judge . . . I’m already starting to drift, but I’m trying to just stick with this “Supreme” Court, okay. Now, this is supposed to be a group of people that, well, I guess this is the way they play it, and that’s why I have to backpedal on almost everything I say because there’s the “reality” of the situation, there’s the perceived reality, and then there’s the fraudulent Matrix-type surreality, if you want to put it that way. And it’s just fictitious and people fall for it. That’s actually the fake reality that most people spend their lives in.

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The Great Debate

Three recognized rights included in the Declaration of Independence are the rights to “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” As a Libertarian — as an American — these are some of the most important rights we can possess. In these most trying times, with politicians in Washington having debated the imaginary Fiscal Cliff and the rabid desire to tax us all into fiscal oblivion, one issue rises and falls in importance in the national dialectic: abortion.

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