What is “paycheck protection”? It’s all about the state of Pennsylvania shedding the responsibility of deducting union dues from the paychecks of state workers and turning those funds over to the union bosses — so they can pursue their mostly left-wing political agenda. The workers never see the money, so it doesn’t hurt when it automatically goes into the union coffers to be used as the big wigs see fit, whether the rank and file like it or not. No other private organizations are allowed to use taxpayer dollars and public employees’ time to perform their bill collecting, accounting, banking, and administration. If a legislator offered the same deal to any other non-government group, he or she would be facing felony charges. Let the union collect its own dues. Make it necessary for the union members to have to write a check every month before the bosses have that money in hand to make their political deals. The members will probably look more closely at who it is their union is supporting and what positions the union big shots hold. The members will quickly see that what the bosses want may not what they want. When it’s their money they are forking out, and not cash they have never had in their pockets, they might pay more attention to where it ultimately winds up.

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