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Public education: an appendage of the Left

Many teachers want to trap students in our failing public schools. While schoolchildren in other countries are outperforming our students, teachers unions are opposed to any competition from non-public and private schools. They oppose home schooling unless kids are taught by state-licensed teachers using state-approved curricula. Rather than allowing parents control over their children’s education with school choice vouchers, the teachers want even more taxpayer money for their broken-down monopoly.

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Letter to the Editor: Who regulates the regulators?

Everything (i.e., the quality of life on this rock) gets down to human nature (if there is such). Both capitalism and socialism are dead. A blend of the two seems doable, but THE question remains — who regulates the regulators? This question pre-dates Rome and the Greeks. No system of government is better than the quality of its people.

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Labor unions as a weapon of class warfare

With labor unions came the ability to strike. Socialists see the trade union strike as an instrument of social change. Engels, in his 1845 treatise Conditions of the Working Class, describes union strikes as “the expression of the social war between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, as the training ground for the fighting proletariat to fight its class battles.” The general strike is one of its most powerful weapons for destroying the economy of a capitalist state. Marx envisioned striking labor unions as having the potential to force an entire country into submission to the revolutionary elite in control of the unions.

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