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Diggin’ in the dirt: Steps to gardening at this time of year

Go ahead and start seedlings. Be wise with this project, as seeds can be pricey and thus the amount dear. Ensure plenty of sunshine for their heads and warmth for their bottoms, and never let the soil dry out completely. If you feel that there’s not enough natural sunlight, hang a grow light on chains 2” above the trays. As the seedlings grow, keep raising the lights to ensure a consistent 2” head room. Warm, moist soil usually ensures good propagation results. A heating element can be purchased at most garden centers, through a catalog or online. They are a bit pricey, but worth the splurge. As the second, third, and fourth sets of leaves emerge, you may want to thin seedlings out.

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Everything Old is New Again

All my life I’ve been a gardener. I’m not bragging; I never thought it was anything to brag about, NOR did I ever think it was something to be ashamed of, but lately, something seems to have changed. Home vegetable gardening is one of those things that have gotten lumped together with the so-called “Prepper” movement . . . as if attempting to be semi-independent is a bad thing.

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