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Scranton City Council Meeting, July 1, 2015

Attendees of the July 1 Scranton City Council meeting heard from residents Joan Hodownanitz, Lee Morgan, Ron Ellman, Marie Schumacher, David Dobson, and others. The topics of discussion at the evening’s meeting were the future of Scranton, the Scranton Action Plan, the Fourth of July, the financial state of Scranton, among some other varied issues.

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Mulligan versus Courtright: Scranton’s future is in the balance

In an exclusive interview, the Independent Gazette sat down with both of the candidates for mayor of Scranton, Jim Mulligan and Bill Courtright. We posed a series of questions so that you, our readers, may gain greater familiarity with these two men, one of whom will lead the City of Scranton as chief executive for the next four years. We encourage all of our readers to visit the candidates’ campaign headquarters or websites, and to do your own research into each of these individuals, their plans, and visions for the Electric City over the next four years. Our aim is to encourage and foster informed voting decisions this election day, Tuesday, November 5.

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Detroit is bankrupt, is Scranton next?

Unfortunately, it is the politicians who set the tone for a community, and people decide if they want to dance to what tunes they’re playing. In Detroit’s case, the music they’re playing has bombed and people are running—not walking—for the exits. Believe me, it’s pretty hard to get people to leave their hometowns, but if politicians follow socialist programs long enough this is the eventual fate: BANKRUPTCY.

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