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Say what? The decline of words in the English language

The English language is a fascinating system of sounds, words, and script with letters borrowed from the Phoenicians and the Semitic alphabet. We have over a million words in our language stemming from ancient, ancestral contributors like Latin, Greek, and Sanskrit. The rapid evolution of our language is staggering when we consider how many different cultures have imprinted and ingrained themselves within our words and lingual structure. So with oratory options being so copious, why do we limit ourselves in our speech? Is it a fear of sounding pretentious or pompous? Or perhaps it’s the lazy ignorance of Millennials (of whom I am one)? I’m not entirely sure what the correct answer is.

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More freedom would enable better education

Look around. The free market clearly does the best job of most efficiently providing thousands of goods and services with many variations and choices. It is a completely voluntary system, performing its magic without any force or coercion. Problems are fixed automatically, quickly, and locally. Suppliers who do not provide what customers want at a competitive price must either improve or go out of business. We are shooting ourselves in the foot by not allowing the free market to satisfy education needs.

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