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Why you should care about pot: Medical Marijuana legalization in Pennsylvania

Other factors bearing on why we should support legalized cannabis include the methods of storage, handling, and overall sterility of the street cannabis being sold; dangerous growing conditions, such as the use of pesticides and fungicides which alter the chemical properties of the plant (or coating the plant in harmful residues that are inhaled or consumed by users); dealers adulterating the plant with substances like PCP or “meth” to increase potency and profitability for the dealer; the distribution of cannabis to minors and the distribution of the plant at or around schools, school zones, and playgrounds; and, lastly, preventing medicinal users their indelible rights to medicine.

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“Drain Out the Drinking Age”

If lawmakers truly want to protect America’s youth, they need to abolish the drinking age and trust that Americans will approach the newly-demystified alcohol with a greater degree of responsibility. Sounds ridiculous? Tell that to the growing number of teenagers who devote themselves to healthy exercise and calorie-counting. With the increasing focus on self-image and health, it’s no stretch to suggest that such teens would eschew binge drinking once the “rebel” label is stripped from every bottle of booze.

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