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Scrantaxton: The City Bewitched by the Illusion of Good Government

Scrantaxton, formerly known as Scranton, was once a free, capitalist dream that has now become a bureaucratic cesspool, a tax-and-spend nightmare created for taxpayers who have been dragged over hot coals for more than two decades’ worth of political pillaging of the city and its residents. It’s been a city crying for leadership for 23 years, but simply gets sniveling children who blame other administrations, while repeating the same mistakes.

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War has been declared

A brand new war has begun. The first shots were fired this past January 9 during the State of American Business address given by Thomas J. Donohue, President of the US Chamber of Commerce. It is a strange war — almost like a civil war where brother battles brother and fathers and sons are at each others’ throats. Two giants espousing many of the same basic beliefs, abiding by very similar principles, and with very similar goals are prepared to stand toe-to-toe and battle it out to the finish. In short, the Chamber has declared war on the Tea Party.

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On the evils of the Welfare State

God’s mandate to help the poor is clearly given to the individual and the church. Nowhere does the Bible discuss the institution of human government as an agent of public charity. In fact, our Lord prohibits government welfare programs for mainly three reasons.

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