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Zealous parking enforcement along the 60 block of Madison Street? If so, why?

While visiting with an Independent Gazette informant on November 3 along the 60 block of Madison Street, around the corner from the King’s College campus, Gazette editor John DiLiberto received a parking ticket a mere four minutes into the restricted period of Zone 2 parking extending from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m along the block. The time stamp of “7:04” may be clearly seen on the ticket.

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WB Parking Enforcement: “Who ya gunna call, Sorick?”

Joanne told the Gazette that this parking dispute has been escalating for a while now, and that she’s tried repeatedly to defuse the situation by calling the city police non-emergency number and asking the desk sergeant to call the vehicle owner and notify him that she is not the one complaining, but confided, “I knew that wouldn’t work when the desk sergeant said, ‘But we believe it is you [who has been calling].’”

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