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Silence is Compliance: Would you recognize tyranny? Part I

Would you recognize tyranny? Honestly ask yourself that question. How would you know if you are on the right side of history? Being a citizen of the empire, you, the reader, live in a bubble and are constantly being reinforced with the notion that “we are the good guys” and that “we are bringing peace to the world,” “we” being American citizens of the United States federal government and anybody who stands behind it and the actions carried out in its name. I know that when conversation arises about foreign policy, it usually consists merely of left-vs.-right talking points. Consider that most of the “anti-war Left” were really just anti-Bush, and I wouldn’t even have a problem with that if they stuck to their principles and continued to be anti-war, but that wasn’t the case. When George W. Bush left office, it seemed the “anti-war Left” departed with him.

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Inaugural Installment: What is a Libertarian Democrat?

I believe that no one needs to identify with only one political party if they share views from two of them, or even from several of them. When it comes to politics, I am going to risk being unpopular and state my beliefs that the United States would be a more open-minded place, and our government might even run more smoothly if we all cherry-picked our stances from different political ideologies.

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