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When Something Is Very Wrong

As a counselor and chaplain’s assistant, I have worked in prison ministry for over 20 years. I have been around the court system, working with all kinds of down-and-out people, both inside prison walls and out. For many years at Lighthouse, as part of our ministry here, we hosted a residential recovery program. Many marginalized and poor individuals came to live and rebuild their lives. In the past eleven years, we have helped over 60 people gain a new chance at life and find renewed hope.

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A Prisoner on the Ladder

It is very expensive and difficult to uncover police and prosecutorial misconduct. What makes the news are only a few very rare instances where the violations were caught on camera to prove the abuse. Most all cases of abuse of rights and privileges go unnoticed. Most government civil rights agencies are not allowed to investigate or are deterred from investigating violations involving an accused person. Public defenders are not given the resources or time to investigate these violations. If those offences are not clear and in the open, they cannot challenge them.

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Silence is Compliance: An attack on the King’s soldiers

Because some of my questions were outside the box compared to most being asked at those PSP press conferences, I’ve been called all kinds of names, from “the fake journalist” to “that anti-cop guy,” just because I asked if “actively surrendering” included shooting an unarmed man in the back, which understanding Lt. Col. Bivens confirmed as correct.

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