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Outside the BOX: Turkey plans false flag war with Syria

Turkey decided to clamp down on several web sites the last week of March for exposing a recently leaked discussion by high-ranking government officials. The controversial recording captured a planned false flag incident that would justify Turkey’s military intervention into bordering Syria. This leak, and the government’s response to try to silence its dissemination, has significant implications of global importance. It appears this NATO country is willing to attack itself if it would further its leaders’ political agenda, and in the process, inadvertently help expose another example of mainstream media censorship.

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Muckraker, Inc – The new media on the block. Join us. Promote us. Donate!

Recently, the non-profit organization “Reporters’ Without Borders” released their annual “Press Freedom” index, ranking the United States 46th in overall press freedom. So, it may come as no surprise that today’s media has abdicated their responsibility to keep government honest. We are all aware of the First Amendment protecting the press freedom, and that’s because the press should be, in essence, the fourth branch, holding government (including local) both accountable and transparent. Clearly, the press has failed in this regard. We aim to forgo “political access” and bias in favor of reporting the truth and exposing corruption at all levels of government.

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The truth, and nothing but the truth, will set you free, Part III

It has become apparent that the Fourth Estate of mass media has been compromised. People can claim “incompetence” until they are blue in the face, but I will argue that the faults lie much deeper than that. When those in the corporate controlled media willfully ignore stories that many times are so important as to be — literally — a matter of life and death, and in turn spend their time talking about some trivial, nonsensical issue, I hope it’s obvious why Americans have lost all faith in those many now simply refer to as “the gatekeepers.”

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