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State Representative Cox’s letter sheds light on school property tax legislative maneuvering

House Bill 1189 (H.B. 1189) was voted out of committee and brought to the full House for a vote. . . . I and some of my colleagues did not feel that this was the best method to use in addressing a very serious school property tax issue. For that reason, I placed the language of House Bill 76 (H.B. 76) into amendment form and attached it to H.B. 1189. My goal was to get a vote on H.B. 76 in that manner since the Finance Committee has refused to bring it up for a vote. Unfortunately, the amendment failed by a vote of 138–59 and ultimately, H.B. 1189 passed and has been sent to the Senate.

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In Response to State Representative Phyllis Mundy's June 16th Letter to the Editor

As president of the Wilkes-Barre City Taxpayers Association, a member group of the statewide taxpayer group known as the PTCC, or, Pennsylvania Taxpayers Cyber Coalition, I would like to personally thank State Representative Mundy for her public support of HB 76, the Property Tax Independence Act. As Representative Mundy stated in her letter, “I will vote for HB 76 if and when the majority party allows for a vote.” On behalf of our members, I say thank you, Representative Mundy, for your support, and we do take “yes” for an answer.

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