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Mayoral candidate Kelly successfully closes Soapbox Speeches in the Park series at Miner Park

Kelly discussed his background and his plan to fight violent crime in the city. He also reiterated his call for Republicans to write him in during the primary election. Then, he took the time to remind City Council that they still have nine months left on their terms and that they should watch who they blame in the current crime blame game. Kelly asked “Is it fair they blame Mayor Leighton for everything . . . while Wilkes-Barre is blowing up from gangs and drugs and thugs? Where are their solutions?”

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Wilkes-Barre mayoral candidate Kelly says we must outsmart the bad guys

We are clearly encountering major gang violence and so instead of saying we do not know what the problem is or whether it was drug related, we need to identify the problem post haste. Only with a quick ID can we can crush it before it crushes us. We have to see it that way, and we have to call it that way or none of our efforts to fight it can be successful. No unidentified problem has ever been solved.

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