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Give veterans freedom of choice in health care

Obviously, the appalling treatment by the Veterans Administration that our veterans have been forced to live with (and sometimes die from) needs to be fixed as quickly as possible. No doubt, there will be the usual spate of investigations and indignant politicians lining up to publicly state their outrage. A few heads will roll. Perhaps some new regulations or laws will be piled onto the already huge stack that no one fully comprehends. Maybe even my personal “favorite,” a new oversight commission, will be created. Of course, the VA may need additional funding. We will be assured that nothing like that can ever happen again, and everyone will return to their normal state of ignoring what is going on.

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Pennsylvania Leadership Conference 2014

Yesterday marked the first day of the 25th annual Pennsylvania Leadership Conference, Pennsylvania’s version of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, DC. The speakers ranged from motivational, encouraging attendees to participate in pro-liberty activism within their communities, to entertaining, comically describing the left-right paradigm that overwhelms our political system.

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The Proverbs Woman: A “Model” for Capitalism

A free market (or capitalist) system rewards virtue and punishes vice. Unlike all other economic systems, capitalism does not thrive on greed but channels greed productively in a fallen world. It allows and encourages the God-given qualities necessary for one’s life. When left to operate on its own, without government interference, the market becomes a self-regulating and self-provisioning mechanism.

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