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The Main Street Farmers’ Market at The Cooperage

Local food also builds and supports our local community. Research indicates that 70% of money spent at local stores stays local, while less than 20% of money spent at large chain stores remains in the local community. By supporting your local farmers and artisans, you are helping to create an economically sustainable community right here in Honesdale.

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In defense of individual liberty: Luzerne County councilman weighs in on county chicken ordinance matter

As an elected official sworn to uphold the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, I believe it would be a constitutional violation to infringe on a person’s inherent and indefeasible rights to not allow someone to acquire property, e.g., chickens, to pursue one’s own happiness. Who am I to tell our responsible neighbors and constituents what they can or can’t have on their lands, especially when it is not harming anyone else in their community? It reeks of our county becoming a “nanny state” and takes away their freedoms as taxpaying citizens of our county, Commonwealth and freedoms of living in the United States of America. By doing so we limit individuals’ happiness to love a pet or pets and/or limit their ability to pursue healthier and organic sources of food for their family.

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Everything Old is New Again

All my life I’ve been a gardener. I’m not bragging; I never thought it was anything to brag about, NOR did I ever think it was something to be ashamed of, but lately, something seems to have changed. Home vegetable gardening is one of those things that have gotten lumped together with the so-called “Prepper” movement . . . as if attempting to be semi-independent is a bad thing.

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