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Constitutional Presidential Candidates are Needed

As we embark on this season of presidential campaigns, we would be well served to focus attention on the requirements for the office of the chief executive as given to us in our federal contract, the U.S. Constitution. Failing to do so would be pretty solid evidence that we’ve learned nothing from the installation of the current White House occupant as the president — wrongly, I might add. I maintain that we currently do not have a legitimate president, and I refuse to use the term as the title for the current occupant of the White House.

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Three Ways to Influence Government for the Better

In my last column, in March, I discussed the reasons why it’s a good idea to follow politics. This month, I’ll describe three ways to successfully instigate change. This is by no means a comprehensive list of what you can do to alter government, but it’s certainly a good place to start, especially if you’ve got a busy life and can’t devote all of your time to staging a political revolution.

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Being on ballot is not the same as being a candidate—according to solicitor Pedri

Luzerne County Chief Solicitor David Pedri told the Independent Gazette that having one’s name on the ballot is not at all the same as being a candidate for office, in reference to the appointment of Bear Creek Village Mayor Walter Mitchell by Luzerne County Council to replace former county controller Walter Griffith, who resigned as controller, last month.

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