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Americans are Taking Their Eyes Off the Ball

Americans need to let their politicians know how much they hate the game. The people need to take note and remember how their representatives have voted as well as their behavior in and outside of office and then vote accordingly. People need to question the government at every level at every opportunity, including town hall meetings, municipal meetings, on the streets, at public events, etc. Keep the pressure on them and never let up.

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Letter to the Editor: Everyone of us is charged with protecting American government

The only two full-time elected positions in Wilkes-Barre City government are mayor and city controller, and there are no restrictions concerning a city hall elected public servant holding private sector jobs while they are in office. Some of our city elected do work elsewhere while serving, or are retired from a private sector job or a publicly funded position.

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A New Declaration

In a mere two years, it will have been 240 years since the Great Experiment that is the United States commenced. We have progressed from 13 backwater, remotely located colonies to the greatest nation the world has ever seen. We spread from ocean to ocean and were blessed with abundant raw materials that allowed us to become an industrial giant. We were envied and emulated throughout the world. We called out to the world’s tired, poor, and huddled masses desiring to breath free and they came by the millions to a land of freedom such as the world had never seen. They came to a nation that offered the opportunity to strive for whatever success they were capable of achieving. And they succeeded beyond all belief.

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