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The soft racism of low expectations, Part II

There are too many liberals and so-called civil rights leaders who do not want blacks to realize that they have the power to move out of the underclass if they value education and work hard, and make the right decisions, such as waiting until marriage before they have children. Instead, they fan the flames of class warfare. Moreover, it is my opinion that many of these liberals do not want blacks to embrace the fact that America, by and large, provides equal opportunities. What is also left unsaid by the Left, which wants to push income equality, is that while the country can provide equal opportunities it cannot guarantee equal results, because that could lead to communism

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Labor unions as a weapon of class warfare

With labor unions came the ability to strike. Socialists see the trade union strike as an instrument of social change. Engels, in his 1845 treatise Conditions of the Working Class, describes union strikes as “the expression of the social war between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, as the training ground for the fighting proletariat to fight its class battles.” The general strike is one of its most powerful weapons for destroying the economy of a capitalist state. Marx envisioned striking labor unions as having the potential to force an entire country into submission to the revolutionary elite in control of the unions.

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