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The Libertarian Democrat: On generosity

As of late, I have truly come to realize that the majority of people, regardless of affiliated party, truly believe humans to be inherently good. This observation bolsters my faith in humanity. Further boosting my view of humankind is our intrinsic drive to donate to and volunteer for those in need.

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Lindy Morelli and the Lighthouse Outreach Center

I walked slowly towards the simple door of an unassuming, yet historically detailed, beautiful building covered in ivy. Gathering my typical newspaper gear—notebook, pen, press pass, and camera—I brushed a hand down to quickly smooth my standard go-to outfit for interviews: black pants and a black sweater. My pamphlet of information detailing this modest charity, on which I was about to write a small article, was as straightforward as my outfit and reporter’s tools. Like most charities, this one seemed full of the usual, albeit wonderful, list of good deeds accomplished, complete with a meaningful, compassionate slogan, reading “We are Friends to the Broken-Hearted.”

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