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Courts are the center of self-government

We need to ensure that juries, and not judges, are deciding the most important issues that govern our affairs, with common law grand juries, in particular, derived from the people, and not controlled by the courts, further serving as a check on the abuses of government.

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Letter to the Editor: The lawless people of America

Many people every day are having their rights taken from them and yet have no recourse. That is the big problem in this country. The attorneys don’t work for you, they work for the BAR, the British Accreditation Registry . . . a foreign entity. They do not care about your civil rights. The BAR control all attorneys with a BAR card. They control judges, attorneys, all politicians who are attorneys, as well as running the courts.

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Yes, America, we are in a Constitutional crisis

Rule 1.6 is frequently the subject of law review articles. Usually those articles are also addressing the problems with the Rule which cause it to undermine morality, ethics, personal integrity . . . AND TO UNDERMINE JUSTICE. Search for those keywords in your favorite search engine. You may be surprised at the volume of material that turns up. The step that seems to be missing from any article is the unconstitutional aspect and the inescapable situation it causes for the victims of judicial corruption and injustice.

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