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The Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012

The Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 is quite possibly destroying the American Dream to own a home. Locally, I am investigating several problems with flood insurance that are essentially forcing families in supposed flood zones to pay ridiculously high premiums in order to even be considered for a mortgage. When homeowners are unable to secure a policy the banks have no recourse but to protect their own financial interest.

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Free and equal elections: Not so important to State Government Committee

The VCA (Voters’ Choice Act) aims to extend to independents, the fastest growing electorate in Pennsylvania, and third party candidates the same criteria needed to be placed on the ballot as Republican and Democratic. Currently there exists a large disparity in the number of nomination signatures needed for independents to get on the ballot compared to the quantity needed by members of the Republican and Democratic Parties. The challenge period — the span of time following the submission of nomination petitions during which they may be contested — is also more onerous for independents. Successfully defending against such a challenge often delays an official entry onto the November ballot until late into the election cycle, thus diminishing the impact on the electoral process by independent and third party office-seekers.

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If you do not hire J.J. Murphy, you do so at your own risk

He’s baaaaaaack!

Who can forget J.J. Murphy, the former Wilkes-Barre City administrator and $300-per-hour consultant to the city’s parking authority?

Well, he’s presently suing a township near Philadelphia that didn’t hire him. Watch out, Luzerne County, you didn’t hire him either for your first county manager. You may be next. Murphy once told me that he believed he didn’t get that job because of all of the controversy over the taxpayer-funded security alarm system installed in his home. Oh, that little thing. Taxpayers weren’t supposed to find out that Murphy and his chum, Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton, billed them for their own home security systems. All we can say is, it’s a good thing that the county council was alarmed when considering, and ultimately rejecting, Murphy’s application.

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Walking Eagle Award for September 2013

Mark “the Grate One” LevinWhile spouting his ethical and moral character, the “Grate One” is nothing more than a water carrier for the Republican Party. Don’t believe us? Call him about the Virginia gubernatorial race and see if he lets you stay on the air if you dare mention Robert Sarvis, the Libertarian Party candidate....
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Americans' Confidence in Newspapers Eroding

Do you believe the polls?

Just why should anyone have confidence in polling? In a recent WBIG investigation we pointed out that an Associated Press poll on the effects of the budget sequester was nothing more than a survey taken amongst the AP's business writers, but let’s not concern ourselves with such trivial details. That story...

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On Gun Control

I am one of those who believes the US Constitution’s Second Amendment was not added with a view to hunting. I also believe strongly that gun control of the ban or confiscation variety would ironically need to be enforced at gunpoint. When anything is enforced at gunpoint it doesn’t matter if it’s a legally binding law, an executive order or a criminal telling you what to do, because at that point you are left with only two options: cooperate, or suffer the consequences.

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Classic Films

By Holly AndersonThis month I have chosen to make a change and write about something a little bit different, and very dear to my heart: classic films.Appreciation for classic films is something that is an acquired taste in general, and especially for the younger generations. I, myself, am only 27; however, I spent many of...
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Ban on "Sugary" Beverages

If you are a fan of large “sugary” beverages like soda you better watch out if you plan on traveling through New York, as New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has moved to ban “sugary drinks” larger than 16 ounces from restaurants, street vendors, and stadiums. Now it seems that he has popcorn and milkshakes in...
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