About: Roy Minet

Roy's been a libertarian since he was about 17 — even before there was a Libertarian Party. He's a former chair of both the LPPA (Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania) Marketing Committee and Media Relations Committee, as well as a former board member. Roy currently serves as a member of both the national LP and LPPA platform committees as well as the LPPA Legislative Action Committee.

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Republicans are NOT ascendant

It would be wrong to think that Republicans won big on November 4 and are now ascendant. Not very many people like Republicans. Gallup regularly samples voters’ political affiliation and those choosing the Republican Party have declined steadily to only 24 percent this year. Arguably, they have atrophied into just a minor political party.

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More freedom would enable better education

Look around. The free market clearly does the best job of most efficiently providing thousands of goods and services with many variations and choices. It is a completely voluntary system, performing its magic without any force or coercion. Problems are fixed automatically, quickly, and locally. Suppliers who do not provide what customers want at a competitive price must either improve or go out of business. We are shooting ourselves in the foot by not allowing the free market to satisfy education needs.

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Give veterans freedom of choice in health care

Obviously, the appalling treatment by the Veterans Administration that our veterans have been forced to live with (and sometimes die from) needs to be fixed as quickly as possible. No doubt, there will be the usual spate of investigations and indignant politicians lining up to publicly state their outrage. A few heads will roll. Perhaps some new regulations or laws will be piled onto the already huge stack that no one fully comprehends. Maybe even my personal “favorite,” a new oversight commission, will be created. Of course, the VA may need additional funding. We will be assured that nothing like that can ever happen again, and everyone will return to their normal state of ignoring what is going on.

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Our return to slavery

Slavery was tolerated for the first several decades of our country’s existence. However, those opposed to this reprehensible practice eventually succeeded in outlawing it. The watershed moment was President Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. But sadly, over recent decades, we are witnessing a return to the practice of slavery.Early slave owners kept slaves in order...
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