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Antiques and appraisals: Toy ferris wheel

The manufacturer of this toy, J. Chein, started humbly in New York City around 1903. In the late 1920s, rival businessman Samuel Hoffman took over, and the company began to create many wonderful circus and amusement park-themed toys like ferris wheels and roller coasters. They continued manufacturing them through the 1930s but, like most companies during World War II, toy manufacturing was put aside. During that time, they produced nose cones and tail units for bombs.

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Antiques and Appraisals

As collectors, we all have our origins, our first loves, the items or ideas that made us who we are. I grew up near the railroad tracks that ran through Tunkhannock, and Swale Brook Creek was also nearby. One spring day while walking the tracks, I picked up an old tree bark fossil in a piece of coal or slate. I was just the discoverer, but it was large and impressive to a 9-year-old boy. I was hooked.

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