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Michael Warner serves as Pastor of Worship & Community at Wyoming Valley Church in Wilkes-Barre. Contact Michael at Michael.Warner@GoToWVC.com

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Church Matters: Why Won’t Johnny Listen to Me?

Your children are out of control. Better stated, it is you who have “lost control” and the kids (using fear tactics, guilt, and emotional manipulation) who are captaining your ship. Devoid of behavioral guardrails and two attentively present parents, you’ve fashioned your household into little more than a media dispensary, where your overly-stimulated children are graduating to the values portrayed by their video heroes.

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Church Matters: Encountering God

Most of us grew up with some semblance of religious faith in our household. Perhaps it was church service on Sunday, a Bible on the coffee table, or a crucifix on the wall. But for the vast majority, these were less the fabric of our lives than they were a last resort—something to reach for...
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