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Michael Harrison is founder of the Luzerne County Campaign for Liberty group and hosts an online blog at unleashingliberty.wordpress.com

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Constitutional Presidential Candidates are Needed

As we embark on this season of presidential campaigns, we would be well served to focus attention on the requirements for the office of the chief executive as given to us in our federal contract, the U.S. Constitution. Failing to do so would be pretty solid evidence that we’ve learned nothing from the installation of the current White House occupant as the president — wrongly, I might add. I maintain that we currently do not have a legitimate president, and I refuse to use the term as the title for the current occupant of the White House.

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Common Sense and the First Amendment

A review of early congressional history yields several examples of such treaties and acts involving the promotion of Christianity in one way or another. Thus, the doctrine of separation of church and state—as commonly referred to by the courts and taught by many today—is a fabrication, is not borne out by historical fact, and is very much an inversion of historical fact.

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Term Limits for Congress, Part II

In my first article, appearing in the March issue of the Independent Gazette, I made the case that term limits are merely a solution to the wrong problem. Our federal Constitution provides the proper mechanism for congressional turnover, namely, regular elections. I also noted that according to surveys only about one-third of voters actually want to return an incumbent to Washington, yet incumbents are rarely defeated in their re-election bids.

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Term Limits for Congress, Part I

In recent days, Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey has submitted a bill calling for amending the US Constitution to limit the terms of Congressional representatives in the House to three and members of the Senate to two. Many people have come out in support of this proposal, particularly conservative Republicans and those frustrated in general with our Congressional members. Toomey’s legislation possesses a certain degree of appeal, to be sure. Gone would be the days of 30- and 40-year careers in the congress. Gone would be the stranglehold on our nation by the same corrupt group of cronies getting re-elected ad nauseam.

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