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Mark DiLiberto holds a BA in elementary education from King’s College. Additionally, he’s anticipating receiving a Masters Degree in sport management from East Stroudsburg University during the winter of 2013. His interests include playing multiple musical instruments, sports, traveling, and writing.

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Fantasy football fever comes down to a quarterback toss-up

As fantasy football drafts approach, rivalries are heating up and fantasy football participants are contemplating their draft strategies. If you wish to succeed and win championships, research is vital. Because of the transient nature of professional careers in the NFL—and the short shelf-life of players—it’s incumbent upon fantasy managers to do their homework. Each year, fantasy stalwarts are traded to new teams, older players are relegated to role positions, and rookies explode onto the scene as they jockey for positions, and stardom.

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Wilkes-Barre Breakers rugby “rucks” on

As they look to embark on their 40th fall season, the Wilkes-Barre Breakers Rugby Club members continue to use their picks and axes as they’ve grown accustomed, their play on the field closely resembling the heart and fortitude that epitomized the coal miners of this region. Incidentally, it is the area’s only men’s rugby club within a 50-mile radius. Indeed, the Breakers are northeastern Pennsylvania’s best kept secret. I believe, however, that this is merely due to a lack of exposure and understanding of the game.

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Field of Dreams

Growing up entails a host of concerns and sacrifices. One begins to fret over bills, career decisions, and a myriad of other issues. It does not, however, require giving up games that left such an indelible mark of those childhood years. Kevin Sickle and Tom Hannon, founders of the Backyard Wiffle Ball League (BWBL), believed...
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