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Letter to the Editor: Everyone of us is charged with protecting American government

The only two full-time elected positions in Wilkes-Barre City government are mayor and city controller, and there are no restrictions concerning a city hall elected public servant holding private sector jobs while they are in office. Some of our city elected do work elsewhere while serving, or are retired from a private sector job or a publicly funded position.

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Fall clean up . . . Let’s get it started project

Grab a bucket, mild soap, a sponge mop, and a hose — your front porch and windows/screens often need a biannual wash down. If you don’t have a hose hookup to wash down the front of your home, then barter with a neighbor who has one or offer to pay them a few bucks for water usage — if you lease your home, ask your landlord for permission and help — you don’t need a city permit to wash down your home if you or a family member are doing the job yourselves. Cleaning windows and screens makes a huge difference in the street appeal of our homes. If minor repairs or some paint are needed, you can do this after the wash-down task is totally dry.

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Wilkes-Barre’s elected public servants and staffers: the Jersey shore, cruises, vacations, and League of Cities resort area seminars

For the taxpayers that are working and paying the tab here this information might be upsetting and eye-opening, but that’s the way it is and has been for quite some time. The practice of our elected and some staffers being paid for questionable work hours has not been challenged, but that doesn’t make it right. We are the employers of the city elected and the staffers, so to speak. We write the paychecks and pay for their array of benefits. Yet, few of us really knows what any of the elected and the staffers are doing all day.

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Rental owners cited for decline in city

Wake up, Wilkes-Barre homeowners because the value of your home has plummeted. We weren’t reared in such turmoil and it is up to us to better manage our neighborhoods. We have far too many absentee rentals and deplorable conditions in many of our neighborhoods. How long are you going to just sit and watch the decline?

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Earth Day is every day, so plant a tree this year

Do you know that just one mature shade/street tree can provide life sustaining oxygen for five humans, not to mention that if planted in front of one’s home on the curb lawn or in a yard these trees’ foliage helps to reduce home cooling costs, provides nesting for songbirds and bees . . . and will, as a big plus, create serenity.

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