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Joseph is a King’s College grad whose regular blog posts may be found at http://nepateaparty.com/speak

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Why the worst TV shows make it to the top

It seems the majority of shows on the Discovery and History Channels fall under the genre of “petty negotiation,” or, “How much is your junk worth?” as well as “quasi-freak shows” featuring human backwoods wonders who speak charming, subtitled patois and grow impressively long beards. It’s important to remember, however, that while the majority of Americans do not watch these particular shows, the largest collectives of individuals do, numbering at most in one night 5 million out of roughly 254 million Americans age 15 and older.

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Bastiat Foretold of Ron Paul's Struggle

19th Century French taxpayer advocate Frédéric Bastiat seems to have foretold Ron Paul’s struggles in his 1846 public letter “To the Electors of the district of Saint-Sever” (trans. by Diana Dupuy)Between those men who fight over ministerial portfolios, however bitter the struggle, there is always...
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