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Dan Johnson, PANDA founder, talks 2014 and his new activist consultancy, Solutions Institute

The Solutions Institute is hitting the ground running with their online ActCon (Activist Conference) on February 7 from noon to 7:00 p.m. (details and pricing are available on their website, Solutions-Institute.org). The conference is packed with heavy hitters in the both the political activist and independent media communities, including John B. Wells (former host of Coast to Coast AM), Derrick Broze (of the Houston Free Thinkers), and Ben Swann (two-time Emmy award winning journalist).

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Women’s self-defense gets some style

There’s a growing trend in the firearms and self-defense industries of marketing exclusively to women. From the pink-colored Beretta Nano 9mm to surprisingly stylish conceal-carry purses, manufacturers are increasingly zeroing in on this once-overlooked demographic.

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Sylvia Burwell, Secretary of HHS v. Hobby Lobby

Plenty has been written about the United States Supreme Court ruling in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby, from defending religious freedom to free speech. Instead of repeating those angles, I’d like to look at the raw text of the June 30 decision. First, the Court was not considering the constitutionality of the contraception mandate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but, rather, whether the provision violated established law.

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Filming fireworks from the inside

Youtube user Jos Stiglingh has posted an absolutely beautiful video of fireworks filmed from within the the display itself. He used a DJI Phantom 2 drone with an attached GoPro Hero 3 Silver camera. The video is accompanied by equally beautiful music by Italian tenor and singer-songwriter Andrea Bocelli singing “Con Te Partirò”. Have a Happy Fourth of July!

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Arming Sisters: documenting the empowerment of indigenous women

The greatest draw of crowdfunding websites, such as Kickstarter, is the discovery of unique and wonderful projects that may not otherwise come to fruition. One such project which deserves our support is a planned film by Willow O’Feral and Brad Heck titled Arming Sisters Documentary Film. The documentary will follow the non-profit Arming Sisters, an organization aimed at “using women’s self defense as a tool to bring about empowerment, self love, & ownership of body to indigenous women across the US & Canada.”

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Conservatism demands equality

Over the last several decades, the so-called “conservative establishment” has been moving the Republican base away from true conservatism. These “Neo-conservatives” have managed to split the current (we can’t even call them “modern”) Republican party upon social and economic lines, suppressing what is now referred to as “Classical Conservatism.” To truly understand the impact, one only need to look at the growth of government and expansion of intervention in our lives, both private and economic. Neo-conservatives fail to understand (or purposely misrepresent) that the justification and authorization of our current government overreach is born out of the very same principles they use to justify and authorize government intervention in preventing same-sex couples from marrying.

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PA Supreme Court eliminates 238 years of individual privacy

On May 5, 2014, the PA Supreme Court took a huge step towards completely eliminating 238 years of the constitutionally protected right to privacy, ruling in a 4–2 decision that police may now search your vehicle without a warrant. Chief Justice Ronald D. Castille and Justices J. Michael Eakin, Seamus P. McCaffery, and Thomas G. Saylor ruled in the majority, while Justices Debra McCloskey Todd and Max Baer dissented.

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Media Matters doesn’t matter: news fabrication to drive an agenda

The video released by Media Matters is a prime example of news manipulation for the sole purpose of advancing a political agenda. In this case, it was an attempt to discredit Bundy and convince his supporters to turn their backs on him and his family. The effort was an apparent attempt to deflect attention from Reid, as he became the focus amidst growing scrutiny of his financial ties to the BLM.

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The Eclectic Circus brings unique performance art to the area

A new and unique performance art group has sprung up in the area — the vibrant and energetic Eclectic Circus — a troupe of young artistic performers regaling the eyes with acts reminiscent of a seventh-century fair. Not only does the group now march in many of the region’s parades (including the Greater Pittston St. Patrick’s Parade), but it can also be seen at many other local venues, or even hired as an attraction at private events!

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