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Jack established Weigand Combat Firearms in Mountain Top in 1982. He has spent all his adult life shooting, studying, and working on firearms. Over the years, Jack has constantly striven to increase his ability, knowledge, and professionalism. Long a believer in competition as a testing ground for his theory, Jack boasts an impressive list of shooting accomplishments.

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Concealed Carry Legal Assistance: Don’t Leave Home Without It

Like most everyone else, I drive a car and I have car insurance. Likewise, I own a home and so I carry homeowners insurance. We have health insurance . . . and on and on. Fortunately, at one point I came in contact with an organization that provides financial assistance with attorney fees to those who carry firearms for self defense, should the need arise to “lawyer up.” That organization is the Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network, Inc. The money for the legal defense of Network members is drawn from a legal defense fund. While not technically “insurance,” legal assistance is available from the Network.

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What’s in your range bag?

Whatever shooting range I go to — and I do shoot at a few different ranges facilities — I have detailed written instructions of how to get there in my bag. Of course I know how to get there, but in an emergency will emergency responders know how to get there? In Dan’s case he had never been to my range. If something were to happen to me, heart attack, gunshot wound or whatever, how would he know how to tell them where we were? My directions are written out using landmarks and route numbers to describe exactly where we are. I also use GPS coordinates that can be given to a 911 operator if necessary.

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Firearms as a hobby

Here was a classic example of a negative image about something that was manufactured by the mainstream news media. The actual truth is that guns can be great fun and a rewarding hobby. Guns are not inherently evil. A baseball bat that is used as weapon is not evil, it is the end user who engages in the wrongdoing, not the object.

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Situational awareness and your personal security, Part II

The following describes an actual event from my life. I am a traveler, adventurer, and seeker of knowledge, among other things. I was looking for some tactical pistol training and found a school in Tennessee that offered a “Fighting Pistol Class.” I did my homework, checked out the class and the instructor, and signed up to attend. This particular class was structured around 50 percent classroom time and 50 percent range time (range time is actually shooting at targets). I liked the idea of classroom time simply because there is much to learn about being an armed citizen. Note that this was a two-day class.

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Situational awareness and your personal security, Part I

Situational awareness is being aware of your surroundings, such as a parking lot or lonely hotel hallway. It’s a mindset that gathers tidbits, like entering a movie theater and committing to memory where the fire escapes are located. Observing people, animals, or machinery surrounding you and assessing what, if any, kind of threat they are to your security. A recent article I read used driving as a great example; let’s say I am driving my car behind someone and realize they are just a crummy driver. I back off and give them plenty of room to make a mistake. If you realize something is going wrong, take action to keep yourself from being involved.

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Gun safety is paramount

Before you purchase a firearm, educate yourself on gun safety. I have been a professional shooter for most of my adult life. Safe gun handling should be the first thing you learn. Why? So as not to injure anyone else or yourself. Sound logical? You would think. However, I encounter people quite often that have little awareness of gun safety. I have had people hand me loaded guns and tell me they are unloaded. I have had individuals fire guns down range while I was down range. I literally have scores of stories about unsafe actions that have taken place at the firing range. These are occurrences that need never happen. The NRA has great resources for gun safety study and training. There is no reason to be ignorant of gun safety, as it is a very easy topic to master — and rewarding.

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