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Ingrid Martinique is a published poet, author, and journalist, and served as a head editor of the newspaper The Voice in Bloomsburg for several years before returning to Scranton.

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On Abortion

As someone who fosters two political ideologies that sometimes conflict, my take on abortion may seem slightly unusual. Add to that the fact that I am a professing Christian, and one who understands unique health situations and believes in an empathic God — and my views may be seen as even more irregular. However, I aim to show readers that the topic of abortion need not be an epic fight pinning individual choice against life — that there are indeed grey areas and exceptions to hard and fast political “rules.”

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Vet of the Month: Michael Kacer

Michael Kacer is a 31-year-old veteran hailing from Throop. He joined the Pennsylvania Army National Guard on February 3, 1999, at the age of 17, and served for over 11 years until turning 28. Completing basic training at Fort Benning in Georgia, he was then assigned to his home station in New Milford, Pennsylvania.

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Costa Drugs closes doors after nearly one hundred years

Recently, Costa Drugs, the family-run business that has been a staple of the Scranton community for nearly one hundred years, was forced to close the doors of both of its sites permanently. The Independent Gazette visited their main location on the evening of their last night open, and were surprised that longtime customers continued to stop in, and that the Costa family, albeit with heavy hearts, kept filling prescriptions and giving advice, as if it were business as usual, right down to the last second.

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The Libertarian Democrat: On generosity

As of late, I have truly come to realize that the majority of people, regardless of affiliated party, truly believe humans to be inherently good. This observation bolsters my faith in humanity. Further boosting my view of humankind is our intrinsic drive to donate to and volunteer for those in need.

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Lindy Morelli and the Lighthouse Outreach Center

I walked slowly towards the simple door of an unassuming, yet historically detailed, beautiful building covered in ivy. Gathering my typical newspaper gear—notebook, pen, press pass, and camera—I brushed a hand down to quickly smooth my standard go-to outfit for interviews: black pants and a black sweater. My pamphlet of information detailing this modest charity, on which I was about to write a small article, was as straightforward as my outfit and reporter’s tools. Like most charities, this one seemed full of the usual, albeit wonderful, list of good deeds accomplished, complete with a meaningful, compassionate slogan, reading “We are Friends to the Broken-Hearted.”

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The Libertarian Democrat: Healthcare

Having recently returned home from a two-week stint in the hospital, which included a major intestinal surgery (this being my fifteenth such surgery), I have decided to rev everyone up and discuss my perhaps unpopular stance on, and questions about, current health care in the US.

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