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On Gun Control

I am one of those who believes the US Constitution’s Second Amendment was not added with a view to hunting. I also believe strongly that gun control of the ban or confiscation variety would ironically need to be enforced at gunpoint. When anything is enforced at gunpoint it doesn’t matter if it’s a legally binding law, an executive order or a criminal telling you what to do, because at that point you are left with only two options: cooperate, or suffer the consequences.

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Ban on "Sugary" Beverages

If you are a fan of large “sugary” beverages like soda you better watch out if you plan on traveling through New York, as New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has moved to ban “sugary drinks” larger than 16 ounces from restaurants, street vendors, and stadiums. Now it seems that he has popcorn and milkshakes in...
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July 2012

New Kingston Business Now Open

Amber Summers opened the Thrive Wellness Center this past November in Kingston. The mission of the wellness center is to provide the community with a resource center where people can come to...
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