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A letter from Santa Claus

So what did Santa do with the toys? What every Santa does. He bundles them up to give them to children to make them happy. Surprisingly, the happiest one was Santa himself as he watched their beaming faces!

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Speaking of indifference

What of amnesty plans which incorporate an allowance for immediate unquestioned acceptance into the US military? This is given to a group of people who apparently show no loyalty whatsoever to the United States, save the very few. This at a time coinciding with the President’s order to strip the military of 20 percent of its officers and non-commissioned officers. In and of itself, this is unprecedented with the exception of

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An open letter of request from the Lighthouse of Scranton

However, in living the vows, I have discovered great fulfillment and joy. Likewise, for the past ten years, I have been living as a committed Carmelite. My life is dedicated to loving service, and to intense inner prayer. As Carmelites, we pray for the needs of the world, and take the world’s suffering as our own. We strive to spread Christ’s love in simple ways by living in God’s presence from moment to moment. Living as a Carmelite has brought me supreme happiness!

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Blasphemy against/of the USA?

One man. One order. One dead American. His name was Anwar Awlaki, a US citizen. In 2011 he was droned dead with no charge or trial. Just death. Two weeks later, in Yemen, his son’s lifeless body lay flowing with streams of blood as a Predator drone hummed off into the dark.

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Letter to the Editor: The lawless people of America

Many people every day are having their rights taken from them and yet have no recourse. That is the big problem in this country. The attorneys don’t work for you, they work for the BAR, the British Accreditation Registry . . . a foreign entity. They do not care about your civil rights. The BAR control all attorneys with a BAR card. They control judges, attorneys, all politicians who are attorneys, as well as running the courts.

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Letter to the Editor: Blazing new trails?

The sun was lowering. Only a short distance from the restaurant the sky clearly showed a stunning sight — closely packed parallel streaks. I was still wearing good polarized sunglasses, as the day was very bright. Apparently, as the sun produced that later light (and only then?) one could see the trails.

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