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Kathleen Kane — Faux Martyr or True Saint

Kane made headlines for her Jeffersonian stance — even if her party does deny that storied Founding Father — of refusing to follow what she perceived as an unjust law. However, is this all there is to the story? A Pennsylvania attorney general who places herself upon the pyre for sake of the constitutional cause of good government, a defender against corruption?

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Tom “Taxman Cometh” Wolf

Welcome to Pennsylvania's budgetary Mexican standoff. High taxes or die! It would appear that Tom “Wolf-in-sheep's-clothing” wishes to alter a famous American expression. Tom “Taxman Cometh” Wolf never met a tax he didn't like. Income tax hike, sales tax hike, natural gas tax, my tax, your tax, everywhere...
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Scrantaxton: The City Bewitched by the Illusion of Good Government

Scrantaxton, formerly known as Scranton, was once a free, capitalist dream that has now become a bureaucratic cesspool, a tax-and-spend nightmare created for taxpayers who have been dragged over hot coals for more than two decades’ worth of political pillaging of the city and its residents. It’s been a city crying for leadership for 23 years, but simply gets sniveling children who blame other administrations, while repeating the same mistakes.

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Scranton City Council Meeting, July 1, 2015

Attendees of the July 1 Scranton City Council meeting heard from residents Joan Hodownanitz, Lee Morgan, Ron Ellman, Marie Schumacher, David Dobson, and others. The topics of discussion at the evening’s meeting were the future of Scranton, the Scranton Action Plan, the Fourth of July, the financial state of Scranton, among some other varied issues.

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Scranton City Council meeting, May 21, 2015

Attendees of the May 21 Scranton City Council meeting heard from residents Ron Ellman, Joan Hodowanitz, Marie Schumacher, David Dobson, Justine Yager, and Gerard Hetman (from the Lackawanna County Community Relations Department). The topics of discussion at the evening’s meeting were the state of the city, city government transparency, the 2014 city audit, Henry Amoroso, and Amoroso’s Scranton City recovery plan.

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Scranton City Council meeting, May 14, 2015

Joan Hodowanitz started off her alotted time with a question: “Any idea how much we paid Rossi for the 2013 audit?” Council had no answer. Hodowanitz claimed the city paid $48,000, but that was not for the audit. She said the audit itself cost over $94,000, that the 2014 city audit is suppose to cost over $40,000, and that no one is slated to do it. She said the legislation is forthcoming for the bids for audit. Hodowanitz said that you “can’t underestimate the value of a timely audit,” especially, she emphasized, for a city in distress. She hopes the 2014 audit will be completed before the end of 2015 and won’t cost $94,000.

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Scranton City Council meeting, May 7, 2015

One of the first citizens to speak in the citizens’ participation segment of the evening was Lee Morgan. Morgan discussed his concerns with the Scranton City pensions crisis, as he does not feel the state will be able to solve it. In fact, he suggested they are only going to make matters worse. He also spoke at length about the state of the country, and Pennsylvania, and how both parties were to blame. Morgan also spoke positively about 2016 presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, and his entrance into the race.

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