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Words of Wisdom: Jack Corbett

John “Jack” Corbett was born in 1918. As a child he labored in the local mines of Old Forge as a breaker boy. He worked his way out of the mines by taking a correspondence course in electricity and became the owner and operator of Corbett Electrical Co., Old Forge.

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BPA in can linings and plastics may impact our health

BPA’s role as an endocrine disrupter is not in dispute. As vom Saal states, “Low doses of endocrine disrupters act in ways that are totally unpredicted by the traditional approaches of toxicology.” That is to say, per vom Saal’s studies, very low doses of compounds such as BPA have been shown to give rise to the array of health issues previously listed. In toxicological jargon, this behavior manifests as “non-monotonic dose-response curves.”

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