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Brian Tylutke is a 25-year-old Pennsylvania native. An Independent and free-thinker, he enjoys reading and studying about science and philosophy and is an avid philologist or "lover of words."

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Say what? The decline of words in the English language

The English language is a fascinating system of sounds, words, and script with letters borrowed from the Phoenicians and the Semitic alphabet. We have over a million words in our language stemming from ancient, ancestral contributors like Latin, Greek, and Sanskrit. The rapid evolution of our language is staggering when we consider how many different cultures have imprinted and ingrained themselves within our words and lingual structure. So with oratory options being so copious, why do we limit ourselves in our speech? Is it a fear of sounding pretentious or pompous? Or perhaps it’s the lazy ignorance of Millennials (of whom I am one)? I’m not entirely sure what the correct answer is.

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Why you should care about pot: Medical Marijuana legalization in Pennsylvania

Other factors bearing on why we should support legalized cannabis include the methods of storage, handling, and overall sterility of the street cannabis being sold; dangerous growing conditions, such as the use of pesticides and fungicides which alter the chemical properties of the plant (or coating the plant in harmful residues that are inhaled or consumed by users); dealers adulterating the plant with substances like PCP or “meth” to increase potency and profitability for the dealer; the distribution of cannabis to minors and the distribution of the plant at or around schools, school zones, and playgrounds; and, lastly, preventing medicinal users their indelible rights to medicine.

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Kids targeted via school free lunch program alleges Kids for Cash aunt

But as she performed her own research Fisher learned a tragic truth about how deep the rabbit hole of corruption really extended. “Over 3,000 kids were incarcerated during Kids for Cash, and I’m going to tell you how they did it: they picked all of the low-income students who were on the school’s free student lunch program. They knew they couldn’t afford attorneys before they ever even went into court.”

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