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“Drain Out the Drinking Age”

If lawmakers truly want to protect America’s youth, they need to abolish the drinking age and trust that Americans will approach the newly-demystified alcohol with a greater degree of responsibility. Sounds ridiculous? Tell that to the growing number of teenagers who devote themselves to healthy exercise and calorie-counting. With the increasing focus on self-image and health, it’s no stretch to suggest that such teens would eschew binge drinking once the “rebel” label is stripped from every bottle of booze.

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Johnny Manziel: This generation’s Ryan Leaf

The 2014 NFL Draft doesn’t boast a “Who ya got?” quarterback debate, but it does include Johnny Manziel, the Texas A&M standout who creates enough speculation and controversy on his own. There are two sides to the Manziel debate: either you love his athletic ability and outside-the-pocket theatrics, or you write him off because he’s undersized and an unpolished pocket passer.

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