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2014 candidate for U.S. Congress. Founder of the Pennsylvania Civil Rights Law Network, www.PennsylvaniaCivilRightsLawNetwork.com.

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The Fourth Amendment Applies to Motorists, Too

I attended a hearing on August 24 before a Dauphin County district justice (magistrate) for a “driving with an expired license charge” against a member of the Independent Gazette team. John drives a car with a big “Ron Paul” sticker on the rear window, as seen in the picture below. One day back in July, as he drove up Interstate 283, he was pulled over by a Pennsylvania State Police trooper. The trooper pulled him over for driving with an expired license. How did he know that? He allegedly randomly ran John’s license plate and found that information in one of the databases to which he had access.

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The Hidden Truths behind Hidden Valley

During my 2014 congressional campaign, I began to be contacted by many people from across the country who are residents of homeowners’ associations (HOAs), sharing all manner of horror stories about their experiences. I see these issues as encompassing core civil rights issues, affecting the very essence of people’s lives: the right to live and raise families in safe, secure, peaceable homes. I wrote a couple of articles (and posted them on my campaign website) about my view of these constitutional issues, i.e., the usurpation of basic government functions by private entities who rely on their wealth for access and control of legislative initiatives, as well as their access to the courts.

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Courts are the center of self-government

We need to ensure that juries, and not judges, are deciding the most important issues that govern our affairs, with common law grand juries, in particular, derived from the people, and not controlled by the courts, further serving as a check on the abuses of government.

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