Speaking of indifference

by Patrick Rowan

America’s own worst enemy is its own indifference.

When I was a child, my father showed me how a kaleidoscope really works. Only one chamber had colored beads. It was all done with mirrors, false images. The one I looked through was red, white, and blue. At that time a man named Nixon was calling out the National Guard. People were rioting. People were calling for anarchy. People were being assassinated and the media tried its best to explain the kaleidoscope-like collage.

It was a jumbled pile with an attempt to paint a pretty picture.

All these years later, let’s try to tie this jumbled pile back together.

First of all, there is a man named Frein who was allegedly assassinating officers and calling for revolution. The police were putting a fence around their barracks (much like Fort Apache), and rightfully so. This, being done much to the public argument of a militarized police force (again, rightfully so). Unfortunately for all, this becomes much like Vietnam. Inside the compound it is safe. Outside the compound it’s us vs. them.

One in five military officers and non-commissioned officers will come home asking what we did not do while they fought for truth, justice, and the American way.

Throughout the day recently the radio broadcasts tales of a President and a government much out of control. There are many, like Frein, who listen to the “out of control” part only.

What of amnesty plans which incorporate an allowance for immediate unquestioned acceptance into the US military? This is given to a group of people who apparently show no loyalty whatsoever to the United States, save the very few. This at a time coinciding with the President’s order to strip the military of 20 percent of its officers and non-commissioned officers. In and of itself, this is unprecedented with the exception of Russia in the First and Second World Wars and China during the Communist revolution.

Here’s where it starts to come together in a kaleidoscope of images that do not actually mesh, right/wrong, good/bad . . . all indifferent with color. This ties in with Ferguson. The fuse has already been lit. Police are worried and armed against a people who will not (with intent) respect the difference between protests . . . and anarchy.

The Hispanic population given amnesty will not accept the taxation rate to support a black welfare state.

So now at the time of this writing, 14 November, 2014 (before the riots).

Frein, a lone assassin, is a world stage terrorist, even while Ferguson was stockpiling water and ammunition.

Was one police officer to become a sacrificial lamb to quell a volcano?

The media will demand its ratings from Ferguson while ignoring four officers shot dead in Chicago within the last month.

One in five military officers and non-commissioned officers will come home asking what we did not do while they fought for truth, justice, and the American way.

The kettle is left to boil; Harry Truman is still dead; the cook is playing golf. Islam, Putin, China and the vultures are circling.

And so, like the kettle, (in commemoration of a one-hundred-year anniversary) the kaleidoscope boils over and may explode, but in one color only: a Martha Stewart-shade of Poppy Field Red.

(Speaking of indifference, Lord only knows what my neighbors might do if they do not receive their copy of People magazine next month.)

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