Can taking care of your skin possibly save your life? My answer is definitely YES!

Knowing that our skin is the largest organ of the body, perhaps it is one of the most
important organs we should be paying more attention to, no?

I am not talking about skin care products at this point, I am talking about awareness!
Isn’t it quite amazing how our skin can tell us many things about our insides? It is
almost like a mirror. If you find that hard to believe, let’s talk about a few examples of
what you may have noticed your entire life — but possibly didn’t make the connection — about what your body has been saying to you.

You can be more helpful in solving or possibly preventing many of your very own health issues! How? By being your own investigator or detective and simply paying attention to and examining your skin.

Here are a few examples of how our skin and body speak to us, not through words but
from warnings or reactions. I’ll list the skin attributes and then what they may indicate:

• sallow/yellow color — jaundice
• pale — overall sick and weak body condition
• flushed cheeks — fever
• dark circles/puffy bloodshot eyes — sleep deficiency; excessive sugar or alcohol
• rash/measles/chicken pox — various types of infection
• red irritation — infection you can see or smell
• black/blue — internal bruising
• greenish/yellow — nearly healed bruising
• dry/wrinkled skin — dehydration
• Edema/swelling — salt overload
• acne/psoriasis, rosacea . . . and the list goes on and on

Now, when I ask the question, “Can skin care   possibly save your life?” you know what I
mean, and why I answer, YES, it can! How many conditions did I just cite, ones that you can actually see for yourself, that signal problems? Isn’t it wonderful how God made our bodies to tell us “Either change what we are doing, or go see the doctor?”

There is no warning that our body is sending out that we should overlook! Our unique
vessels are more amazing than we often stop to realize. Symptoms are not a
bad thing to have, because they are how our bodies alert us: “HELP! Something is off
kilter!” Many times if we notice the small nuisances (as we sometimes call
them), it could possibly prevent unwanted larger problems or sickness down the
road. Maybe that old saying “nip it in the bud” is the best strategy! Stop it before it
gains a stronghold!

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