On final day of campaigning Ostrowski comes out swinging on Barletta record as mayor

Under a “Meet Lou” tab on his campaign website’s homepage, Eleventh District challenger Andy Ostrowski offers a stinging critique of Barletta’s record as mayor of Hazleton. The article, titled “Meet Lou Barletta – Former Mayor of Hazleton and Two-Term U.S. Congressman with a Record of Nothing but Demagoguery” begins thus:

If not for the fact that I do not have a team of paid consultants, and all the other trappings of a big-money politician, I would have hammered Mr. Barletta on his record as Mayor of Hazleton much sooner. It is a shame that the media on his turf seems to have given him a free pass, for reasons I am not completely sure of.

I have spent a good bit of time in Hazleton, and have met with, and talked to, many of its connected and unconnected residents along the way, and the issues that have not been addressed are many.

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