Letter to the Editor: The lawless people of America

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We live in a country where solicitor attorneys run everything: cities, counties, corporations, etc. Did you ever go to court and have all your civil rights violated and the attorney had you plea bargain and plead “guilty”? Even if you pleaded “not guilty” they would still find you guilty.

Many people every day are having their rights taken from them and yet have no recourse. That is the big problem in this country. The attorneys don’t work for you, they work for the BAR, the British Accreditation Registry . . . a foreign entity. They do not care about your civil rights. The BAR control all attorneys with a BAR card. They control judges, attorneys, all politicians who are attorneys, as well as running the courts.

It’s all about taking your money. There is no justice in Amerika. The county refused to file papers I took to them a few months ago concerning a common law grand jury and that is breaking federal law. I took a law to the local city relating to yellow fringes on the US flag and it meant nothing to these people. I had to deal with solicitors in both cases — and I was ignored. They can break state and federal laws and get away with it.

Most take an oath to the US Constitution but use corporate unified commercial code law. The BAR changed our Thirteenth Amendment after 1933. They hid the Title of Nobility from the people. That meant that no one with a title could run or serve in office.

Look what’s running this country. In 1940 they did away with common law grand juries. This was when the people controlled the courthouse, not a judge. If you are ever in the Luzerne County Courthouse look at the ceiling. You will see Common Law in the one corner. Right now, the American people in fifty states have constituted common law juries in all the counties of their state. We are taking this country back.

Once such people’s grand juries are up and running if you are arrested you can opt to appear before the common law juries, a jury of your peers just like the Constitution states. And you won’t need a

When you get picked for this jury you are on the jury. No sitting around for days or a week waiting and wasting your time like the court system the BAR set up. No form to fill out, no screening, no race card. No threats if you can’t make it, as we just rotate your name. This jury of 25 people will operate under common law, constitutional law. You must know the people’s civil rights and constitutional law. No victim, no crime. There must be a victim for one to be convicted of a crime. Go to NationalLibertyAlliance.org and register at the top of the page. Restoring freedom to the people is what it’s all about.

Dorene Schutz, Wilkes-Barre

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