Letter to the Editor: Blazing new trails?

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On Thursday, August 7, I was enjoying the food at a favorite restaurant at Greenwood Lake, New York. I noted that the day was a dandy. Blue skies, excellent visibility, and low humidity. Repeatedly, we noted that the sky had no traces of chemtrails. We left to go home around 7 p.m. This time I didn’t drive, so I could do some observing.

The sun was lowering. Only a short distance from the restaurant the sky clearly showed a stunning sight — closely packed parallel streaks. I was still wearing good polarized sunglasses, as the day was very bright. Apparently, as the sun produced that later light (and only then?) one could see the trails.

My surmise is that the Pentagon has now switched over to new no-see chemistry and invisible (cloaked) planes or drones. Too many people now are savvy to the chemtrails phenomenon. What better way to squelch the critics, especially after the CDC head said that Ebola is likely to make itself known in the U.S.?

More skywatching will be needed to see if this phenomenon is real and widespread. They were not the usual whitish, expanding trails, and not as obvious. Maybe they are not sprayed, but rather E-mag (electromagnetic) constructs as in HAARP . . . more Pentagon crap/experimentation with your taxes?

TR James, Luzerne County

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