Selectively enforcing trashy rules?

City resident Ted Priestash had planned to be out of town on a recent Tuesday and Wednesday, the latter day when his trash was scheduled to be picked up. Before leaving for work that Monday, he took his cans to the curb, but when he returned home he found a notice taped to his door notifying him of what the city called his “Final Warning.”

“It was my only warning,” said Priestash, who stated he has never put his trash out early before, and is in total agreement with the city’s policy of not placing garbage out early, since it can get blown about and litter the street.

City trash warning
The notice informed Priestash that he may not put his garbage out until Tuesday after 5 p.m., and that the “next step will result in an issuance of a citation and possible fines not to exceed $1000.00.” Priestash, who posted his story in an online Facebook group, stated, “In all the time I lived here I have never put the trash out early. Notice the black and white trash bags two doors up from my house. Been there for three weeks . . . neighbor did not get a notice. Other neighbors down the street, their trash has been out since the weekend; no notice. Not to mention the damage to my door from the tape they used to post this ‘Final Warning.’ ”

The Independent Gazette contacted Priestash after seeing his online posting, and was provided the address where the “black and white trash bags” are located. After speaking with the landlords, who reside in Hanover Township, the Gazette learned that the landlord was notified about several code violations pertaining to trash and high grass, and have since cut the grass, filed for eviction, and are waiting until August 1 to perform a cleanup, as that is the day they receive possession of the property back from the constable, per the court order.

Liza Prokop, spokeswoman for the city, said that the city was not in any way singling anyone out, and that the city had received numerous complaints regarding Priestash’s street, and that alone was the reason the city health department posted notices in that neighborhood.

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