Letter to the Editor: Inaction means they win for good!

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When there is not Good for Us, then they win for Good! Then “United we will stand” must be an action and not just a phrase for a bumper sticker.

Silence plus inaction equals cooperation with corruption . . . status quo with the ones who lack of moral values. Then when American Values are eroded, as a result of this inaction — peace, freedom, liberty, justice, choices, education, happiness, jobs, speech — all the social tissue is eroded as well.

I will use some examples to show what is going on around my house due to this inaction against the “crimmigrants,” as follows:

• Children Scenario to distract from the entire picture: illegals aliens celebrating with a huge BBQ the fact they “could made it through the border,” and before that there was a guy cutting a tree in five minutes with a 2 meter-long and 7 cm-wide blade (a machete) in order to hide a white SUV, underneath the tree. This is a stash van, the bank account, I call it. They took the plate out to the van and, of course, this plate went to another car. Tell me about it!

• Scenario of the “gazebo” and loud Mexican music: a lot of children dancing, playing soccer in the backyard, plenty of big and expensive SUVs surrounding the house, from the backyard facing the alley, my fence, and from the front, one of them — the Mexican who is the “tenant” — parks his ASUVA inside the drug house garage crossing the alley behind his house (“trespassing?” not at all . . . same gang, the “Bloods” from New York City).

• Scenario of picking up and distribution: people coming, going, leaving during all hours of the night, after closing deals inside the “gazebo” installed in the backyard.

• Scenario in the front: children under the care of a guy who was urinating in my yard, twice in front of the children and girls. Not to mention the 25 to 30 boys and girls jumping, drawing with pieces of chalk on the dirty pavement all night over the course of 5 or 6 hours without stopping, laying down on the dirty pavement until 1:30 a.m. on a recent Sunday.

• Scenario inside the house: full of coyotes (human traffickers), drug dealers, illegal aliens from Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, “permanent staff” who perform different roles as lookouts, mules (drug transporters), and all of them babysitting children, driving cars with no licenses, taking the plates from one car to another, taking stuff from inside the car, underneath the wood, on a regular basis. I’ve captured much of this activity on my own security cameras.

The inaction from the authorities, forcing me to live surrounded by illegal aliens, and to watch this “Nightmare movie” for seven years now, ever since I bought my house after receiving a false report that the neighborhood was a good one.

These “illegal aliens” are not unaccompanied minors but felons and have:
a) Vandalized my truck — my property — in front of my house seven times;
b) Thrown out pieces of broken glass in my yard daily;
c) Poisoned two of my dogs, insulted me in Spanish (which is my native tongue) several times in front of the cops, but cops are not bilingual and so they then just “laugh,” always with sexual content. These neighbors also took pictures of me from inside the house and from the backyard . . . lookouts are everywhere monitoring me 24/7.

Why? Because they work on the cars, changing tires, stuffing the cars with “something” that someone should investigate, but it seems like nobody wants to do it.

As a result of this, I realized that after reading an article in The Times Leader, where the Luzerne County coroner says that during this year, 70 people died from “drug overdose” in this county and nobody reacted to the fact, as if nobody were affected by it.

Why not? Because nobody wants to report that our children and future generations are dying and nobody wants to “unmask” their “future voters” who are leading US to bankruptcy?

Then, the “crimmigrant future voters have power” and they know about it, and they used it, against us, showing us in our faces that they can do everything they want, and nobody will move a finger to stop them. In the meantime, people like me have to defend themselves, with fences, cameras, and so on . . . and the Law! But where is the Law? Law enforcement equals to someone who MUST Enforce the Law. Then?????? Why not? Because the crimmigrants are the ones who will keep many in power. Why? Because by keeping them in power they renew their “immunity.” How? Simple. By using the same methodology the “crimmigrants” use with their “anchor babies,” a thick shield, a protection.

But, I did not “choose” the “crimmigrant” disgusting movie that constantly is playing around me. Then, why? Why should I watch their atrocities and wrongdoing next door to my house? Because someone uses them to preserve their “immunity,” ergo “impunity”?

In conclusion, “We, the People,” who were given no choice to commingle by force, and feed the “crimmigrants” with our taxes, imposed not to be happy, in order that they can enjoy their own happiness. As the cop said the other day when he joined them in the same party in their gazebo, “finger and pen owners” can continue in power, shielded by immunity and continuing with their impunity. Using the Laws they write against us, but not enforcing the same Laws with the wrongdoers. Why? Then, my humble reflection is that there is no room for everybody, that in order for them to enjoy their happiness, the “crimmigrants” need to kill our children and youth with their drugs! Because it was recognized by the DOJ that the Mexican Drug Cartels are bringing the heroine into the USA.

Then? “United we will stand” must be an action, and not just a phrase for a bumper sticker. Think about it!

An American Citizen who chose to do the right thing, Wilkes-Barre

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