How and why to “Make a Change” when you don’t want to!

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Sometimes in life we have to make changes whether we want to or not! We all have different crosses to bear, and when we look around or hear of other people’s misfortunes, we often say, “I wouldn’t want to change what I have been dealt for anyone else’s cross.”

According to statistics, the most frequent causes of stress are the death of a loved one, divorce, health issues, natural disasters, accidents, and work. The list goes on! These stressful scenarios are not very easy to deal with, whether in your life or others’. What can we do?

Whatever you may be going through, just keep in mind: This, too, shall pass! Try to keep this saying in the front of your mind concerning any problem. Somehow, this truth puts everything in its proper perspective.

Years ago, an older gentlemen who had been through much trouble in his life gave me this advice: “Think about what the issue is, and what you are going through right now. What difference will it make in 100 years, 10 years, 1 year, or even in a month? Break it down, and most of the time you will see the issue really isn’t that big of a deal.

“Does it really matter?”

If it does, then can you change the influence it will have on you? If not, then you have to learn to control the outcome and conclude, okay, I have to be at peace with this, or it will control me! Only you have control over you! With his advice, I could see how overreacting during these stressed-out times causes breakdowns of all sorts. I could see how not thinking the way this wise gentleman advised, and not following the scenario through to the end, could cause an “out-of-control” situation. This stress-breaking-down quote can help in any situation and can at least diminish any problem. Remember to put the problem at hand in the proper perspective!

One other good lesson I found for myself was to not let anything remain unsettled for too long. Our minds tend to rule us, and unresolved issues will continually eat at us. The rehearsals of what happened play over and over. These things clutter our minds — and waste time! We somehow think avoidance will fix it. Does it? No! We carry it in our mind, and it just adds a greater burden.

We also know that one day things will come to a head, probably at an emotional time, and we’ll burst out at someone. Maybe it’s best to tackle those issues and be done with them when you are in a peaceful state. If there is a person that you are in a spat with, make sure you take care of it as soon as possible, because you never know if you will have the opportunity again to set the dispute straight. We all know life is fragile, and in the wink of the eye, the person could be taken from this earth. This may sound gloomy, but if you have to live without having said “I am sorry” out of stubbornness or fear, then it would be a small price to pay to just get it over with! Live for today and enjoy every moment!

Be open-minded to “Make a Change”! If you find yourself asking “How can I change, and why should I?” weigh out the issue or problem by asking yourself those questions my older gentleman friend suggested! Just keep in mind: If you want it simple, keep it simple!

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