Letter to the Editor: The failing of freedom

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Welcome to America: The land of the Slave and the home of the FEE!

Over the past few decades I’ve seen our Supreme Court justices become more and more liberal there by usurping their responsibilities to their oath of office and doing more “practicing law from the bench” than upholding the true intent of the concepts of the original framers of the Constitution. Our Constitution was set in place to put chains on the hands of our government so it couldn’t become another oppressive government, instead of being a public servant which would function to protect the rights of the people united under it.

Government has become so perverted and corrupted that their functions appear to have become that of protecting each others’ asses in a blatant and almost comical fashion as they continue to pull off their slapstick comedy show, which is quickly becoming apparent to even the slowest ponies in the herd. But, it all nonetheless continues . . . simply because they can!  No one has challenged them on their actions!

The vast majority of Americans either don’t know or fail to realize that all government offices are municipal corporations formed under the Municipal Corporation Act. The act allows for the creation of government bodies starting at the smallest level, such as a town, and progressing to boroughs, townships, municipalities, cities, states, and, finally, the federal government. Nonetheless, they are all corporations, corporations that need to be licensed, bonded, and insured in order to continue their corporate status. However, very few know that when these entities fail to act within the designated scope of their authority, we, the people, have the right to change them as needed to achieve our desired intent. Our federal government — unknown to most people — only has power over a small area covering about 13 square miles of land, a region known as the District of Columbia, as well as a few US territories and the island of Guam.

Our government/elected representatives have overstepped their authority by leaps and bounds, simply running rampant like little children who lack parental oversight, boldly and almost childishly saying, “You can’t touch me, nah!” All this is happening while the ones (the PEOPLE) who hold all the power to stop this idly stand by, instead of banding together and simply saying, “Enough is ENOUGH!” This is the kind of apathy that is destroying our way of life, our freedom, and our nation. These acts of treason by our elected representatives won’t stop until we, the people, stand united through either civil disobedience or an all-out revolution, as things will only get worse, just like behavioral issues with a child who is not disciplined by his parent.

The people we have elected to protect and serve us in our best interest have become self-serving egotistical elitists who feel they are the masters and that we are the servants — or even slaves — to do as we are told, not as we please, squashing every hope and dream of the American people on their merry way as they rob, pilfer, and line their pockets and the pockets of their political allies at our expense. They have used our tax dollars to develop weapons of mass destruction, intelligence, and surveillance, all in the name of keeping us safe from foreign terrorists when in fact the single most dangerous terrorist to the average American is none other that his own government. They are currently spending billions of tax dollars secretly stockpiling ammunition to keep it out of the hands of honest, law-abiding citizens. Why? To keep them from being able to protect themselves should the government feel threatened by civil unrest.

In addition, few Americans realize that staged across the US at our military bases are UN troops ready to act at a moment’s notice to squash any civil unrest by using any and all means — up to and including lethal force — and weapons of mass destruction that were developed using our tax dollars under the guise of existing “for our protection!” Yes, the statement is true, simply being taken out of context . . . they really mean that these weapons have been developed for “Our Protection” from the people when they realize we have been screwing them and stealing from them. These weapons will be used to enforce Martial Law during which there will be massive roundups of US citizens who will be placed in FEMA concentration camps that will make the Hitler Nazi Germany camps look like a kindergarten parade!

Wind, water, and time are the most powerful forces of nature, time being the one used by the elitists of the world to quietly, yet systematically, erode away the freedoms of the American people. Make no mistake about it, they have an agenda and are using time and our elected representatives to slowly destroy America and enslave every person in it. God bless America, Lord know she needs Him now!

John Kistler, Scranton

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