Andy Ostrowski challenges Lou Barletta for PA’s Eleventh Congressional District seat 

Like David vs. Goliath, Little ol’ Andy is taking on Big Lou. David, with his support system, God, had the ability and resources to accomplish what some at the time thought impossible. Andy, a Democrat, reached out to his political support, the Democratic Party and was told to back down and don’t try; in other words, withdraw. Anybody but Andy. The party even picked an Obama campaign worker, Rev. Micah Sims, to run in the Primary. Sims wound up not appearing on the Primary ballot, guaranteeing Andy a General Election ballot placement. Shunned by his party, he is going it alone.

There are great differences between Andy, a man with a troubled past, and Micah, a reverend. Is this another “America loves the underdog” story? Or does a reputation for bucking the system have new value in this political environment? Lou Barletta is a powerhouse in the Eleventh District. The district is carved out through Pennsylvania, entrenching Lou in the house seat. To challenge Lou, the Democrats would need an army of volunteers, a strong candidate and money the current power driving American politics. Lou is a solid congressman with a firm, consistent voting record. Will Andy, with little money, the power of conviction and a reputation for challenging authority, even have a chance? In our political system, a win can be more votes than your opponent or a shift in thinking. Even if Andy loses the race, but shifts the issues to judicial reform, the campaign may be considered a win.

Andy Ostrowski_slideChallenging Lou is not the wisest of political career moves. However, after talking to Andy for even a short time, it’s obvious he makes moves based merely on his principles and his ethics. If you review his decisions and actions you’ll see that protecting his career is not his main focus. Truly, he is a poster boy for making risky career moves. Andy, a civil rights attorney with a suspended law license, has taken on the system with passion. Unabashed, he accepted cases no one else would touch. These are risky career moves when you are young. He has tussled with Penn State, and the state of Pennsylvania. He has earned a good reputation with those that battle for freedom, and he has garnered the support of the people that know him. He has taken on civil rights cases that other lawyers knew would ruin a legal career. Andy proved them correct, and all with a smile. He picked cases based on the need of the client, not to further his ambitions. He was in court testing for land mines with a short stick. Granted many of Andy’s career problems were self-inflicted, some were from not playing the political side to the game of law. He has made a full disclosure on his website,, which also documents his extensive fight for judicial reform.

So, Andy’s name is on the docket and he has nothing to lose. This underdog attorney with a strong Polish name — and a troubled past — just might play well in the district.

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