Wilkes-Barre parking enforcement officer pleads guilty

Back in July 2013 the Independent Gazette reported on Wilkes-Barre Parking Enforcement Officer Nicholas Cave after a Wilkes-Barre resident made a complaint to the paper alleging that Cave was engaging in harassing behavior at her residence. The July article spurred a subsequent Gazette investigation and piece on Cave when a reader who noticed the initial report notified the Gazette that unrelated harassment and simple assault charges against Cave seemed to have disappeared following a magisterial recusal by Magistrate Rick Cronauer on September 2, 2012.

As a result of the Gazette investigation into Cave the stalled charges eventually made their way through the Luzerne County courts and before Judge Joseph F. Sklarosky Jr., where Cave accepted a plea deal, pleading guilty to harassment/simple assault. Cave was fined $300 plus court costs and obtained a criminal record, allowing for the possibility of a restraining order should the victim in the case seek one at a later time.

The victim asked that we not publish their identity, but stated in an email response, “Thank you & the Independent Gazette for not letting [the case] slip through the cracks. This [pleas deal] would not have happened without you. I’m so grateful.”


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